Aksi Cepat Tanggap is a humanitarian organization which focuses on natural and humanitarian integrated disaster management, covering emergency, rescue, medical, relief, reconstruction and recovery.

ACT was established on 2005 as an official and independent institution. The programs that we handled have developed beyond natural disaster, but also focus on social disaster or humanitarian disaster. These included malnutrition, famine, children, health and sanitation issues, education, economy empowerment, community development, and also social conflict.

With our vision to become a pioneer for awakening compassion souls with volunteerism basis towards society independence, ACT always brings up the values of Compassion, Volunteerism, and Society Independence in every single project that we do.


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Become a professional global humanitarian organization based on philanthropy and volunteerism in the global community to realize a better world civilization.


  • Organizing and managing various humanitarian issues in a planned, conceptualized, integrated and sustainable manner so that it becomes an ideal formula in overcoming various humanitarian problems both on a local, national, regional, and global scale.

  • Organizing and managing all potential philantrophyof the global community as social capital to overcome various humanitarian problems both on a local, national, regional, and global scale.

  • Organizing and managing all potential global volunteerism as social capital to overcome various humanitarian problems both on a local, national, regional, and global scale.



Number of Beneficiaries, Volunteers, Donors & Reached Countries.

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Global Zakat offers you several programs that will ease you to do zakat. Global zakat offers selected programs that facilitate mustahiq (zakat recipients) and muzakki (zakat providers). InsyaAllah, Global Zakat, as a trusted zakat management institution in Indonesia will continue the strive to alleviate the problem of people, not only in Indonesia, but abroad.

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Global Qurban

Generosity breath is synonymous with Eidal-Adha. As a generous person, hurrying to perform qurban once a year is a highly recommended sunnah, so that widespread benefits are spread to those who really need it.

Let's continue generosity by channeling the best qurban Sahabat Dermawan through Global Qurban. InsyaAllah, we will convey happiness in 34 Provinces in Indonesia, up to 50 countries that have missed the qurban meat the most.

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Global Wakaf

Global Wakaf is presented to you to manage “the Islamic platinum philanthrophy” with humanity approach, and long experience managing global humanitarian issues.

With humanitarian perspective, Global Wakaf manages waqf with macro understanding, the choice of managerial attitude that will continuously create creativities to handle the macro humanitarian problems, a stimulant of life that moves and dynamize the da'wah. And so, waqf will significantly contribute to build the better global civilization.

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When tragedy is considered routine, a humanitarian crisis is only understood as news that turns to fill the pages of mass media, this is the true danger that threatens humanity. At that time, there would be only a few people who were sane and aware of doing something, keeping humanity in their hearts, so that humanity would not die.

Solidaritas Kemanusiaan Dunia Islam (SKDI) is intended to provide the best assistance to countries in conflict.


Disaster Management

Bersama Atasi Bencana. The terrible effects of disasters still haunt us, especially in Indonesia. It's Time to ‘Bersama Atasi Bencana’, it's time to give our best help. Our concern will accompany them through the disaster emergency.


Tepian Negeri

The problem of economic inequality is still a real phenomenon in Indonesia. Research released by the Oxfam community social institution shows that in the past two decades, economic inequality in Indonesia has increased faster than other countries in Southeast Asia.

To solve this problem, ACT through the ‘Tepian Negeri’ program will help the Government to reduce these social inequalities. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), which is a global humanitarian institution, through its ‘100 Pulau Tepian Negeri’ program, seeks to help the government erode the development imbalances in Indonesia. This program empowers community potentials to deal with humanitarian issues in the outermost islands, underdeveloped regions, especially in eastern Indonesia.

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When the disaster was over, the survivors had to struggle with difficult conditions, especially about shelter. thousands of people are lost and desperately need our help as soon as possible


Humanity Foodtruck

Answering the problem starting from fulfilling the basic needs of life, Aksi Cepat Tanggap initiate an innovative program called “Humanity Food Truck”. A huge modification truck turned to running kitchen to serve free food for those in need. The targets of this program are those informal workers who has low income, poor people, musafir(travelers), caregivers of hospital patient, and food insecurity community. With high mobility capabilities, Humanity Food Truck not only can “pick up the ball” in food insecurity area, but also can be the solution to fulfill the needs of food for the disaster victims.


Warung Wakaf

Warung Wakaf is presented to empower people through waqf based retail management. The existence of Warung Wakaf is inseparable from the condition of the people of Lombok in the post-disaster recovery period in which the economic conditions of the people were affected by the earthquake in four districts in Lombok.

The results management of Warung Wakaf can provide benefits to the community who manages. In addition, residents around Warung Wakaf also get the benefit through a series of social activities to fulfill their basic needs.




Lumbung Ternak Wakaf (LTW)

Lumbung Ternak Wakaf manages the implementation of waqf in supply of sacrificial animals (qurban). Lumbung Ternak Wakaf absorbs a lot of human resources in various region to manage the sacrificial animals (qurban).

Lumbung Ternak Wakaf involves local farmers to manage sacrificial animal stocks (qurban) with a prosperous empowerment pattern. Thus, the economic wheel of society in the implementation area continues to move.


Lumbung Pangan Wakaf (LPW)

Lumbung Pangan Wakaf is an agricultural area that provides agricultural produce such as rice and sugar, to support and empower local farmers. Not only for sale at Warung Wakaf, the rice and sugar have also been sent far and wide overseas to fulfill the needs of thosein need.


Sumur Wakaf (Waqf Well)

Sumur Wakaf from Global Wakaf is already reached 19 provinces, with a total of 168 villages in 80 regencies/cities. About 190 Sumur Wakaf were built to drain the goodness of around 270,000 beneficiaries. InsyaAllah, the endeavor will continue to be carried out by the Global Wakaf in producing the Sumur Wakaf as well as the Utsman Waqf Well. With professional management, Sumur Wakaf will flow infinitive benefits.


We believe in making the world a better place, all humanitarian problems shall be solved, by amplifying global philanthrophy and volunterism.